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Kevin Kammerdiener

Benefit Cookbook Available

The name of the cookbook is “Made in the USA” and it is dedicated to Kevin Kammerdiener, a soldier who was injured in Afghanistan May 31, 2008., and many other soldiers who have served or are serving our United States. The recipe book contains a wide variety of 350 recipes and is a very lovely gift for yourself or a loved one.

I just got my copy this week and it has bunches of yummy recipes from all over the country.

Send a check or money order for 13$(10$ plus 3$ shipping and handling) payable to:  Kevin Kammerdiener Benefit Committee P.O. Box 118, East Brady, PA 16028. Attention: Cookbooks

This is Disgraceful (edited 1/14/09)

I have been following the blog Mended Wings for quite awhile now. It is written by Leslie Kammerdiener, mother of Kevin Kammerdiener, a soldier who was injured in Afghanistan last year. Kevin is currently a patient at the James A. Haley VA Hospital being treated for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), sustained when his vehicle was hit by an IED. I have to say, the most recent posts by his Mom are very disturbing. The treatment he is receiving is very substandard, from what I am reading.

This is disgraceful. How can we let our injured military members be treated like this? Go and read the blog and see what you think. I think something needs to be done and soon. Let your representatives in government know about this and demand that Kevin and all the other like him get the help they need. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to late. Kevin’s Mom, Leslie has requested that we do not take action on Kevin’s  behalf.  She feels that press attention will be detrimental to his treatment.  I have to concur and feel I was to hasty in demanding action. After all, Kevin is her son and she is the one who has the say in his care.  So, by all means, visit the blog, leave a message of support, or drop them a card of encouragement, but leave it to Leslie to haul out the big guns if she needs them.

(Pulling foot out of mouth and returning to my cave….)

Help A Wounded Warrior

Kevin Kammerdiener Benefit Cookbook will be available soon!

Kevin is a Soldier from the 173rd Airborne. Kevin was in a NATO convoy driving through the city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan on May 31, 2008. A suicide bomber in a vehicle filled with explosives drove it into Kevin’s Humvee. There were 4 Soldiers in the Humvee. Both Kevin and his battle buddy survived the blast – the other two did not. Kevin was pulled from the wreckage and rushed to a hospital in Jalalabad. He is now recovering from his injuries at the VA Hospital in Tampa, FL. His Mother, Leslie,  has chronicled Kevin’s journey in her blog Mended Wings.

There are over 350 recipes from all over the country in this cookbook and most are dedicated to in Honor or memory of soldiers and family members. The cookbook is not only dedicated to Kevin but all soldiers who have served. All the proceeds will go to help Kevin and his family in whatever they may need at this tough time.

The cookbooks will unfortunately not be ready for Christmas but  Gift Certificates are available.  The cost will be $10.00 per book plus $3.00 shipping and handling.  There will be no charge for sending the gift certificate. You can preorder now by sending $13.00 check or money payable to:
Kevin Kammerdiener Benefit Committee
P.O. Box 118
East Brady, PA 16028

Kevin Kammerdiener

Kevin Kammerdiener

Indicate how many cookbooks you want and where to send them when they come in. The cookbooks are expected to be ready at the end of January and will be shipped as soon as they are done.